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Francis Xavier Walking the Waves *New*

Track Listing

  • Walking The Waves/ Le Mirage /
  • Desert Festival / Dream Of The Pearlfisher
  • Condor / Sahara Achara / You Let Go /
  • Spirit of Valima / Tusitala / Interlude /
  • Ghost Walk / New Day (Unfolding Memory)
  • King of Kings / L.M.S. /
  • No Distance Too Great /
  • Walking The Waves (Reprise)
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Whereas most ambient CDs are laid-back and even comatose, operating primarily as soothing background music, ‘Walking the Waves’, the new album by composer and guitarist Francis Xavier takes the opposite route. The music seeks to grab the listener’s attention and lead them on an emotional, spiritual and healing journey across the ocean and to exotic, mysterious islands. By turns soothing and lively, ‘Walking the Waves’ is always engaging.

Francis Xavier’s intent is disarmingly uncomplicated, ‘I want to provoke an emotional response’.

Along the way he retraces the footsteps of authors Robert Louis Stevenson and Antoine De Saint-Exupery as well as evoking the lives of local people whose ancestors welcomed these adventurers into their midst.

Recorded and produced by Francis Xavier, Walking the Waves varies from a rich, dream-like trance full of unique moments, to other stripped-down compositions relying on our attachment to timeless melodies and very simple instrumental performances.

This is a solo debut by guitarist and composer that will challenge listeners who love rock guitar and those who love to explore modern instrumental music.

This CD ships with a delux 24 page booklet containing spectacular artwork.