Released Red Coral, 2001

Worlds Apart / In a Whirlpool / The Promise / The Bridge / State of Emergency / Years Later / Church of the Cold / Pilots of Beka / Jigsaw Street / Maybe This Time / Cashen Bay Strand

The Bridge (original EP version)
/ The Other Extreme / Frontiers / Go Dti An Tra / Tables Overturn / State of Emergency (RTE radio session)

Produced by Chris Kimsey and originally released on MCA Records in 1986, Urban Beaches was the debut LP from Cactus World News. Absent from record stores for many years, it has now been digitally remastered in Dublin by Mary Kettle, the assistant engineer on the original recording sessions.

Re-released in 2001 on Red Coral, this new version includes not only the eleven tracks of the original release, but also contains six bonus tracks comprising the three tracks from the bands debut EP on Mother Records as produced by Bono, two B-sides from the early singles, and a radio session recording done at RTE, the Irish national broadcasters.

In addition, the expanded version comes with a full-colour, 24-page booklet featuring extensive new liner notes by the bandís vocalist, Eoin McEvoy, and (with the honourable exception of the front and back covers) a set of photographs none of which have ever been published before.